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The story of how we, the people of MacPaw, created macpaw.tech - a blog of creators, by creators, and for creators.

Inspiration for a blog

The idea of macpaw.tech started a long time ago. No one remembers exactly when. Around the time when searching for interesting cases in Slack correspondence became difficult, we decided to create a centralized repository to share our experience.

In the fall of 2020, we released a pilot edition of the Engineering email roundup, and it was cool. We shared tips and tricks, interesting articles, fuckups, and ideas. But it wasn't enough. We wanted to share our experience with the broader audience. Thus, the idea of a blog came to life.

Blog creation

How do engineers create a blog? They code it themselves because using ready-made solutions is just too easy, and who wants that?

As true programmers, we wanted to create something cool, crazy, and unusual we would call our own.

And let's be honest, who needs easy when you have a challenge?

So, we gathered for a hackathon. In a day, we made a home-brewed blog with the admin panel. It turned out cheap and cheerful: we used Notion as a base for CMS, writing our parser and SSG on the frontend with Next.js. Take a look at what we achieved that day:



Article database
Article database

Nice. Early 2000s sites vibes 😃

That was in the winter of 2022. A week later, blog development was suspended. On Feb 24, russia started a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. We did not know what to expect. But thanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, we are alive and on our land. Although scattered in different cities, we still have the opportunity to live and work.

Who's behind MacPaw.tech?

The creators of the articles are all of us, the MacPaw team. We, the MacPawians, will share our experiences, challenges, and reflections on the journey of creating and maintaining successful products, covering topics in engineering, research, design, and product management. Moreover, we'll showcase our most exciting pet projects and just fool around.

What's next?

We hope that our articles will inspire and motivate you to pursue your own passions and that you'll find value and insights that you can apply in your work. So, stay tuned for more updates, and get ready to be inspired by the fantastic work that can be achieved with passion and dedication!

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